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Case 1: Mr A with pain 

Mr A had 3 right knee operations for the knee pain, however the pain worsened after every operation. When his surgeon offered him a 4th operation, he refused and started treatment with me. After only 5 acupuncture treatments, his pain greatly improved to the point where he regained his normal day-to-day function, he could hardly believe the effects of acupuncture. 



Case 2: Mrs. B presented with anxiety and neck pain. 

After having an operation for a brain tumor, Mrs. B presented with anxiety for fearing of tumor recurrence. As her anxiety improved following my treatment, she gradually revealed her concern regarding the chronic neck pain, which had developed following surgery for the tumor. She had been told by the surgeon that this is due to permanent nerve damage and could not be treated. I continued to treat her for the neck pain, which improved by 90%. She even wrote to her surgeon in London informing him that it was acupuncture that resolved her chronic pain. 


Case 3: Mrs. C presented with severe depression.

Mrs C, a previous alcoholic, had several children taken away from her. After her children left her to go live with their father, she never saw them again. Her alcoholism became worse and she even went to jail for alcohol related incidents. She made several attempts to commit suicide. When she came to see me, she said that she did not want to live and saw no hope for the future. After a thorough consultation and examination, I found that due to alcohol overdose, she suffered from severe Yin deficiency. The obvious emotional pressures from losing her children and serving jail sentence also caused liver Qi (energy) stagnation, which worsened her Yin deficiency. It was like vicious circle, the disrupted balance in her body led to severe depression, and the depression caused more demages of her balance. I chose the appropriate treatment methods to address her problems. Soon, she felt much better. After a few weeks, she completely stopped drinking and felt that she had hope in life. Even when her friends invited her to go drinking, she persistently refused. She said that she had never felt that life could be so good. 


Case 4: Mr. D presented with anxiety

Young Xxx year old Mr D attended my clinic for anxiety. As soon as he arrived, he started to cry and didn’t know where to start telling me his history. Slowly, he revealed that he experienced violence in his home when he was younger and this has always caused him anxiety and depression. He had a good relationship with his wife, but he had low self-esteem and was worried that he could not look after his wife. At the time, his baby was due in 4 months time. The thought of being a new father did not bring him joy, but made him more worried and scared. Several acupuncture treatments made him feel better. He looked better at each treatment and he said that he genuinely felt that acupuncture brought him happiness like he’s never experienced before. 

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