Acupuncture and herbal services in Leeds, West Yorkshire




Following treatments are provided according to the individual needs to create a balanced, harmonised healthy condition.


Traditional acupuncture    Inserting fine needles into the energy channels of the body to stimulate its own

                                             healing response and help restore the natural balance.


Electronic acupuncture     Wiring the needles to the electric stimulator and applying low intensity of                                              electrical pulse to result in slight tingling sensation. Soothing the channels for aches and pains. 

Cupping       Applying glass cups to the skin surface by vacuum-induced suction.  Drawing out the pathogens,                           promoting the free  flow of Qi and blood in the channels.


Moxibustion     Applying a heat stimulus to the points or areas by burning herbal corn or stick close to the skin.                             Warming the body   and the channels; dispersing cold; freeing Qi and blood; strengthening the                                 function of the organs.


Ear acupuncture     Stimulating the specific points of the ear by inserting acupuncture needles or sticking on the                                   herbal seeds. Especially effective for calming and addictions.


Chinese Herbs    The concentrated herb powders can be prescribed strictly tailoring to the individual conditions.                                 We offer high quality, 100% herbal products at the best prices. No animal parts or minerals are                                  used in any of our products.


Hopi ear candling    (Using BIOSUN hopi ear candles) The treatment is gentle and non-invasive, is useful for                                           excessive or  compacted ear wax, snoring,sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and migraines, swimmer's                                   ear, flying problems in the ears, etc.


Facial Revitalisation Therapy   The treatments may be included: facial acupuncture with fine cosmetic needles;                                                         body acupuncture; auricular points pressure treatment; Korean Hand therapy                                                             (KHT); Gentle facial Gua Sha (rubbing).




The cost can be claimed by most private health schemes.


Acupuncture (may include moxibustion, cupping, ear acupuncture and electronic acupuncture): 


First consultation and treatment                  £60.00  (60 - 90 minutes)

Subsequent treatment                                 £50.00  (50 - 60 minutes )


Cupping only                                               £22.00   (15 - 20 minutes)


Chinese Herbal medicine:


 First consultation                                        £46.00 plus cost of herbs

 Subsequent consultation                            £36.00 plus cost of herbs    

 The herbs typically cost                              £14.00 ~ £16.00 per week 


Hopi ear candling & facial massage        £38.00


Facial Revitalisation Therapy 


First consultation and treatment                  £65.00  

Subsequent treatment                                 £55.00 


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